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Jay L Banner

Jay L Banner

Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences
+1 512 471 5016, +1 512 471 6854

Expertise: Isotopic methods, sustainability, groundwater, oceans, ancient oceans, climate change, aquifers, caves, environmental science, geochemistry, paleoclimatology, urbanization, environmental justice, <a href="" target="_blank">community-engaged research</a>

Tanya E Clement

Tanya E Clement

Associate Professor, Department of English, College of Liberal Arts

Expertise: Archives, Digital Humanities, American Literary Modernism, Textual Studies, Sound Studies, Scholarly Information Infrastructure, Humanities Data Curation, Anne Sexton, HiPSTAS (High Performance Sound Technologies for Access and Scholarship)

Andrew P Dillon

Andrew P Dillon

Professor, School of Information
+1 512 471 3821

Expertise: the psychology of internet use, world wide web, human performance with technology, digital design, education, digital libraries, human-computer interaction, usability, social informatics, applied cognition, digital documents, online learning, information architecture, individual differences, technology, digital libraries

Edwin  Dorn

Edwin Dorn

Professor Emeritus, Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs

Expertise: International affairs; national security/ defense policy; human resources policy (especially military personnel); civil rights/ race relations; policy making (especially the executive branch); federal education policy; African politics, business

Terry  Hemeyer

Terry Hemeyer

Associate Professor of Practice, Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations, Moody College of Communication
+1 713 819 1322, +1 713 819 1671

Expertise: Crisis management; public, employee, community, government and investor relations; advertising; marketing; consumer segmentation; human resources; communicating corporate layoffs, and corporate security.

Suzanne A Pierce

Suzanne A Pierce

Assistant Professor of Research, Environmental Science Institute, Jackson School of Geosciences
+1 512 954 1810

Expertise: Integrated Water Resources Management; Decision Support Systems; Sustainability Science; Energy-Water; Groundwater Management; Participatory Modeling

Sarah J Rehnborg

A&P Hourly Employment, Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs
+1 512 232 7062, +1 512 475 7616

Expertise: Non-Profit Management, Civil society, Education Policy

Lauren  Schudde

Lauren Schudde

Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, College of Education
+1 512 471 1623

Expertise: Studies how to ameliorate social inequities in the United States through higher education policy; focuses on college pathways at broad-access institutions, including community colleges.

Keri K Stephens

Keri K Stephens

Professor, Department of Communication Studies, Moody College of Communication
+1 512 471 0554

Expertise: disaster communication; flood awareness; emergency communication; infrastructure; humans and AI; using technology in the workplace