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Kamran  Ali

Kamran Ali

Professor, Department of Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 471 7531, +1 512 471 3550

Expertise: Gender; health; development; labor history; political movements (including Islamic groups); Political Economy; post-colonialism; urban social histories, popular culture; historiography; memory; liberalism; Middle East; South Asia

Tricia S Berry

Tricia S Berry

Director, Women in Engineering Program, Cockrell School of Engineering
+1 512 471 5650

Expertise: Gender Equity Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Education Gender Issues in STEM Diversity and Inclusion K12 Informal STEM Education Effective STEM Messaging and Engagement Strategies to Engage Girls/Women in STEM Informal STEM Curriculum Development and Facilitation Engaging Volunteers and Role Models College Diversity Programs Women's Leadership and Career Development

Simone Browne

Simone Browne

Associate Professor, African and African Diaspora Studies Department, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 232 5975

Expertise: Sociology of Race; Surveillance Studies; Black Diaspora Studies; Cultural Studies; Canadian Studies; Gender and Feminist Studies; New Media Studies; Institutional Ethnography

Mounira M Charrad

Mounira M Charrad

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 232 6311, +1 512 232 6300

Expertise: Political Sociology; State Formation; Social Movements; Gender and Women's Rights; Colonialism; Comparative-Historical Sociology; Middle East and North Africa

Kevin O Cokley

Kevin O Cokley

Professor, Also director of UT Austin's Institute for Urban Policy Research & Analysis and a Fellow in the College of Liberal Arts' Dept of African and African American Diaspora Studies, Department of Educational Psychology, College of Education
+1 512 471 7498

Expertise: Dr. Kevin Cokley is primarily interested in the impact of racial and ethnic identity, as well as academic self-concept, on the academic achievement of African American students. He is particularly focused on including more studies on African American high school students. He plans to continue the examination of the impact of the imposter phenomenon, especially among ethnic minority students and women. Broadly, Dr. Cokley considers racial and ethnic identity development, academic motivation, multicultural psychology and issues of race, the impact of religiosity and spirituality on psychological outcomes, and multicultural counseling in his research.

Elsie L Echeverri

Elsie L Echeverri

Senior Research Scientist, IC2 Institute
+1 512 475 7811

Expertise: Mexico; Economics--Trade Latin America Economic Integration Wage Inequalities High-technology clusters; Gender Issues--Women in business

Erin M Espinosa

Erin M Espinosa

Research Associate, Office of the Associate Dean for Research, , School of Social Work
+1 512 232 0606

Expertise: Mental health and juvenile delinquency, juvenile justice system, gender issues within the juvenile justice system, trauma-informed care, research-based mental health treatments

Jennifer  Glass

Jennifer Glass

Professor, Department of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 471 8355

Expertise: Work and family issues, telecommuting and new labor practices, STEM labor force retention

Gloria  Gonzalez-Lopez

Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 232 6343

Expertise: Sociology of Gender and Sexuality; Migration Studies; Sexual Violence; Masculinities; Sociology of Family Life; Qualitative Methodologies

Marcelo  Jorge De Paula Paixao

Marcelo Jorge De Paula Paixao

Associate Professor, Department of African and African Diaspora Studies, , College of Liberal Arts
Spanish Speaker

Expertise: Race relations and inequalities in Brazil and Latin American; public policies issues and monitoring; models of socioeconomic development; labor market; statistics of race, ethnic, and gender inequality

Jill A Marshall

Jill A Marshall

Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education
+1 512 232 9685

Expertise: My background is in physics and my primary research interest is physics, physical science, and engineering education, particularly student understanding and development of mathematical and physical models. I also have a strong research focus in secondary teacher preparation in STEM and expertise in teacher development in STEM, especially the nationally recognized UTeach model. I am currently coordinating with colleagues in the Jackson School of Geosciences and the Cockrell School of Engineering to evaluate the incorporation of modeling and design activities into STEM curriculum and teacher preparation.

Martha  Menchaca

Martha Menchaca

Professor, Department of Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 471 7537

Expertise: Social anthropology, ethnicity, gender, oral history/oral traditions, legal anthropology, immigration, Chicano studies: US/Mexican culture, Latin America, and Mexico-Neoliberalism

Ranjana  Natarajan

Ranjana Natarajan

Clinical Professor, School of Law
+1 512 232 7222

Sharmila  Rudrappa

Sharmila Rudrappa

Director, Academic Program, Center for Asian American Studies, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 232 6310

Expertise: Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Labor, Immigration

James L Schaller

James L Schaller

Associate Professor, Department of Special Education, College of Education
+1 512 471 4161

Expertise: Multivariate and data mining approaches to data analyses of the National State/Federal 911 data file. Issues of gender, race, and disability in acceptance for services and successful employment in the State/Federal Rehabilitation Services System. Issues of gender, race, and disability in transitioning from special education to employment and the community.

Ben G Streetman

Ben G Streetman

Dean Emeritus, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cockrell School of Engineering
+1 512 471 1640

Expertise: Engineering education; Engineering workforce issues; Microelectronics; Semiconductor materials and devices; Epitaxy

Janice S Todd

Janice S Todd

Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, College of Education
+1 512 471 0993, +1 512 471 0995

Expertise: Women and Sport; weightlifting bodybuilding women and exercise history of physical culture; Arts & Humanities