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Mahmoud M Al-Batal

Mahmoud M Al-Batal

Associate Professor, Department of Middle Eastern Studies, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 471 3463

Expertise: Arabic language and literature; Arabic linguistics; teaching Arabic as a foreign language; Arabic teacher training; Lebanon

Kamran  Ali

Kamran Ali

Professor, Department of Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 471 7531, +1 512 471 3550

Expertise: Gender; health; development; labor history; political movements (including Islamic groups); Political Economy; post-colonialism; urban social histories, popular culture; historiography; memory; liberalism; Middle East; South Asia

Jason M Brownlee

Jason M Brownlee

Associate Professor, Department of Government, College of Liberal Arts

Expertise: Egypt; Iran; repression; democratization; American attempts at democracy promotion, Authoritarianism

Mounira M Charrad

Mounira M Charrad

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 232 6311, +1 512 232 6300

Expertise: Gender; Womens Rights; Islam and Family Law; States and Citizenship; Middle East; North Africa; political sociology; development; and comparative historical methodology

Robert A Fernea

Professor Emeritus, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 471 4206, +1 512 471 3881

Expertise: Cultural anthropology; Middle East; Arab world; Iraq; Egypt; Egyptian Nubia; ethnographic film; cultural construction of masculinity

Richard R Flores

Richard R Flores

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 471 9209, +1 512 471 4141
Spanish Speaker

Expertise: Cultural theory; anthropology of performance; folklore and expressive culture; Mexican American history and culture; Mexican American studies; critical theory; public history of the Alamo; race and ethnicity; critical race theory; cultural citizenship; cultural studies

Brian K Horton

Brian K Horton

Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences
+1 512 471 1869

Expertise: Tectonics of sedimentary basins, evolution of orogenic systems, sediment provenance and routing systems, nonmarine depositional processes.

Syed A Hyder

Syed A Hyder

Associate Professor, Department of Asian Studies, College of Liberal Arts

Expertise: Islam in South Asia, Urdu language and literature, Aesthetics in South Asian and the Middle East

Charles  Kerans

Charles Kerans

Professor and Robert K. Goldhammer Chair in Carbonate Geology, Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences
+1 512 471 4282

Expertise: Carbonate sequence stratigraphy, depositional systems, reservoir characterization, basin analysis, seismic interpretation, seismic stratigraphy, paleokarst analysis, carbonate diagenesis

Stephen E Laubach

Stephen E Laubach

Senior Research Scientist, Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences
+1 512 471 6303, +1 512 475 8786

Expertise: Structural diagenesis, structural geology, fracture analysis, fluid inclusion and cathodoluminescence studies, rock mechanics, mechanical and fracture stratigraphy, hydrocarbon exploration and development in deep and/or structurally complex areas, tight gas sandstone, coalbed methane, shale gas; geologic aspects of hydraulic fracturing, application of borehole-imaging geophysical logs to stress and fracture evaluation, structural evolution of North American Cordillera, fracture history of NW Scotland, regional fracture studies Argentina.

Elizabeth A Loika

Director of Family Wellness Center, School of Nursing

Expertise: Elizabeth Ann Loika, DNP, PNP, FNP, has been appointed associate professor of clinical nursing and director at the UT Austin School of Nursing's Family Wellness Center. She retired from the United States Air Force in 2003, after serving in nursing leadership roles for 22 years. While serving as a flight nurse she participated in numerous humanitarian missions, including multiple casualty evacuations in Berlin, Afghanistan civilian refuge transport, and Bosnian refugee casualty care. She was deployed in leadership positions in Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. While assigned in Korea, she was the Child Sexual Abuse Consultant for the Pacific Theater. In the Middle East, she was a Chief Nurse supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. She retired with the rank of Lt. Colonel. More recently, she was a founding faculty member of the Keiser University Graduate School Master of Science in Nursing program and the Family Nurse Practitioner program.

Stephennie  Mulder

Stephennie Mulder

Associate Professor, Department of Art and Art History, College of Fine Arts
+1 512 471 5851

Expertise: Islamic Art and Architecture, Syria, Egypt, Turkey

Ami  Pedahzur

Ami Pedahzur

Professor, Department of Government, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 232 1452, +1 512 232 4608

Expertise: Terrorism, counterterrorism, political extremism, decision making, security studies, social networks, mixed research methods, Israel, political extremism in Israel, political violence, political parties, comparative politics and international relations.

Lyn C Wiltshire

Lyn C Wiltshire

Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance, College of Fine Arts
+1 512 232 5331, +1 512 471 5793