Shardha Jogee

Shardha  Jogee
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, CNS Faculty Affairs

Phone: +1 512 471 1395

Shardha Jogee's astronomical research deals with both observational and theoretical aspects of the evolution, structure and activities of spiral galaxies, in environments as diverse as empty space to tightly packed galaxy clusters. She studies these galaxies over a wide range of cosmic distances and epochs, ranging from nearby galaxies in the present to distant galaxies 12 billions light-years away. Shardha is involved in many of the largest galaxy surveys under way by NASA. In 2003, she received a prestigious NASA Long Term Astrophysics Grant of more than $500,000 to carry out her research on galaxies. Before coming to UT Austin, Shardha was a tenure-track scientist at NASA's Space Telescope Science Institute, the scientific home of Hubble Space Telescope. She received her doctorate in astronomy from Yale University.