Flooding and Severe Weather

UT Austin has experts available to speak on the causes and impacts of flooding in Texas and beyond, from flood risk forecasting to water resource management. 

If you are seeking expertise on other subjects, please call University Media Relations at 512-471-3151 or consult our general Media Experts Guide.


David R Maidment

David R Maidment

Professor , Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering , Cockrell School of Engineering
+1 512 468 1744, +1 512 471 0065, +1 512 471 4620, maidment@utexas.edu

Maidment's research focuses on water use forecasting, flood response, geographic information systems(GIS); and expert systems and statistical techniques in hydrology and water resources planning. 

Media Contact: Nat Levy, nat.levy@utexas.edu, 512-471-2129

For more information, contact: University Communications, Office of the President, 512-471-3151.