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Julia L Coronado

Julia L Coronado

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Finance, Red McCombs School of Business

Expertise: Julia Coronado is a clinical associate professor of finance at the McCombs School of Business and associate director for the school's real estate center. The Texas Real Estate Center aims to facilitate cutting-edge research in finance, real estate, law, design, and planning, and to allow students to connect and learn from industry professionals. Before joining McCombs faculty, Coronado worked for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., contributing to the Federal Open Market Committee forecasts for eight years. Coronado is also president and co-founder of MacroPolicy Perspectives LLC, which leverages the expertise of former Federal Reserve and Treasury senior officials who understand how economic and financial developments impact policy decisions. Coronado has researched and published several papers on pension finances and market valuations, social security, retirement saving adequacy and behavior, the frontier of private and public data collection, and monetary policy.

Sheridan  Titman

Sheridan Titman

Director, Energy Management and Innovation Center, Department of Finance, Red McCombs School of Business
+1 512 232 2787

Expertise: Corporate finance, energy, finance, real estate and investments, business, economics & labor, environment & earth science

Jake Wegmann

Jake Wegmann

Associate Professor, School of Architecture
+1 512 471 0169

Expertise: Housing affordability, Housing development, Land use regulation, Informal housing, Urban form