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Janine  Barchas

Janine Barchas

Professor, Department of English, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 471 8379

Expertise: 18th-century literature and culture; digital humanities; the British novel; book history; textual studies; Jane Austen; early fiction by women; Shakespeare reception

Andree H Bober

Andree H Bober

Director, Landmarks Public Art Program, College of Fine Arts
+1 512 415 7392

Expertise: art museums, museum administration, arts administration, museum directorship, museum studies, contemporary art, public art, art in public spaces, collections, collections management, UT special collections

David  Cannatella

David Cannatella

Professor, Department of Integrative Biology, College of Natural Sciences
+1 512 453 1620

Expertise: My team and I investigate the evolution of amphibians. Some areas of interest are the higher-level phylogeny of amphibians, biodiversity of Neotropical frogs, signal evolution in frog mating calls, behavioral ecology of poison frogs, and relationship of bioinformatics and systematics. I am also the Associate Director for Biodiversity Collections in the Department of Integrative Biology.

Kate  Catterall

Kate Catterall

Associate Professor, School of Design and Creative Technologies
+1 512 471 0902

Expertise: History and theory of design; furniture and product design

Richard L Cleary

Richard L Cleary

Professor, School of Architecture
+1 512 471 1922

Expertise: Architectural history; architecture

Philip Doty

Associate Dean, School of Information
+1 512 471 3746, +1 512 471 3821

Expertise: Internet and computer networks, copyright, privacy laws, governmental information policy, Patriot Act and digitial libraries

Joe L Frost

Joe L Frost

Professor Emeritus, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education

Expertise: Playground design; developmentally appropriate children's play; optimum play environments

Patricia K Galloway

Professor, School of Information
+1 512 232 9220

Expertise: Informational retrieval, archives, historical documentation

Linda D Henderson

Linda D Henderson

Professor, Department of Art and Art History, College of Fine Arts
+1 512 232 2474

Expertise: 20th-century European and American art to 1950; the relation of art to science and technology (particularly in the first half of the 20th century); modernism in its cultural context, including science and occultism; Marcel Duchamp; the "fourth dimension" in 20th-century culture

Travis J Laduc

Travis J Laduc

Curator, Herpetology, Department of Integrative Biology, College of Natural Sciences
+1 512 475 6339

Expertise: Reptiles and amphibians, biodiversity, evolution, ecology

Janice  Leoshko

Janice Leoshko

Associate Professor, Department of Art and Art History, College of Fine Arts
+1 512 232 2581

Expertise: Asian art history; Asian culture; Indian and Tibetan religions, Arts & Humanities.

Lisa L Moore

Lisa L Moore

Professor, Department of English, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 471 1837, +1 512 471 4991

Expertise: Eighteenth-century English and American literature; women's literature; LGBT literature and culture; poetry and poetics; visual studies and garden history; feminist and queer theory; history of sexuality

Bogdan P Perzynski

Professor, Department of Art and Art History, College of Fine Arts
+1 512 471 0903

Expertise: Time-based art; integrated media; installation art; time-based installation art; painting; drawing; sculpture and sculptural installation; Arts & Humanities.

Pedro  Reyes

Pedro Reyes

Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, College of Education
+1 512 475 8569
Spanish Speaker

Expertise: My scholarly work is focused on the school conditions fostering academic success for children of poverty and the stratification of learning opportunities for children of color. Also, I am engaged in evaluating state and local education policies that improve student success throughout the education pipeline. Over the years I have raised more than 22 million dollars in research and development funds from The Spencer Foundation, The Annenberg Foundation, the Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Foundation, the Texas Education Agency, the National Science Foundation, the Houston Endowment, Inc., The Brown Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Education, among others. Pedro Reyes is the author of Resiliency and Success: Migrant children in the US (2004); Lessons From High Poverty High Performance Schools: Creating Learning Communities (1999); and Teachers and Their Workplace: Commitment, Performance, and Productivity (1990). In addition, he has authored more than 75 articles, book chapters, monographs, and reviews and has presented more than 50 papers at national academic conferences. His research has appeared in such journals as Educational Administration Quarterly, The High School Journal, Journal of Educational Research, and the Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences. He was Editor of the Book Review Section of Educational Researcher, Associate Editor of the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, and reviewer of many other scholarly journals.

Loriene  Roy

Loriene Roy

Professor, School of Information
+1 512 471 3959

Expertise: Library development in Native American communities; creation of virtual museums of Native American artifacts; literacy efforts in Native American communities; library collection development and evaluation; oral tradition; organizing gatherings of indigenous librarians worldwide

Cherise  Smith

Cherise Smith

Associate Professor of Art and Art History and of African and African Diaspora Studies, African and African Diaspora Studies Department, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 471 1784

Expertise: African American Representation, Art and Visual Culture; the Identity Politics and Representation; The Intersection of Representation with Race and Gender; Performance and Conceptual Art Practices; Photography; American Art After 1945

Emily  Sparvero

Emily Sparvero

Assistant Professor of Instruction, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, College of Education
+1 512 232 2383

Expertise: Focuses on the development of sport policies and the ways in which professional sport teams can be leveraged to generate economic, social, and tourism benefits for host communities.

Pauline T Strong

Pauline T Strong

Professor, Department of Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 471 8524, +1 512 471 9056

Expertise: Cultural, historical, feminist anthropology; Identity and difference; Politics of representation; Public culture; Youth organizations; Museum studies; Public humanities; Medical humanities; US, Indigenous North America.

Edward C Theriot

Edward C Theriot

Professor, Department of Integrative Biology, College of Natural Sciences
+1 512 232 2379, +1 512 471 4997

Expertise: Algae; aquatic biology; paleontology; freshwater ecology; evolution; diatoms; Texas Natural Science Center