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Janine  Barchas

Janine Barchas

Professor, Department of English, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 471 8379

Expertise: 18th-century literature and culture; digital humanities; the British novel; book history; textual studies; Jane Austen; early fiction by women; Shakespeare reception

Andree H Bober

Andree H Bober

Director, Landmarks Public Art Program, College of Fine Arts
+1 512 415 7392, +1 512 495 4315

Expertise: art museums, museum administration, arts administration, museum directorship, museum studies, contemporary art, public art, art in public spaces, collections, collections management, UT special collections

Matthew A Brown

Matthew A Brown

Lecturer, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences
+1 512 232 5515

Expertise: Brown's primary research goal is to develop a more thorough understanding of how past and future treatments affect specimens as sources of data, and the impact these treatments have on the science of paleontology. This approach examines the interplay of historic and current practices in the field, laboratory, and collections, and how the scientific community interprets these results in the literature. He also studies how such events foster an evolution of best practices, policy, and law, and he advocates for fossils on public lands. Brown is an active member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology and the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections, and is the founder of the Association for Materials and Methods in Paleontology.

David  Cannatella

David Cannatella

Department Chair, Integrative Biology, College of Natural Sciences
+1 512 453 1620

Expertise: My team and I investigate the evolution of amphibians. Some areas of interest are the higher-level phylogeny of amphibians, biodiversity of Neotropical frogs, signal evolution in frog mating calls, behavioral ecology of poison frogs, and relationship of bioinformatics and systematics. I am also the Associate Director for Biodiversity Collections in the Department of Integrative Biology.

Richard L Cleary

Richard L Cleary

Professor Emeritus, School of Architecture

Expertise: Architectural history; architecture

James Dalthorp

James Dalthorp

Assistant Professor of Practice, Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations, Moody College of Communication

Expertise: NIL; sports communication; strategic branding

Kathryn  Fuller

Kathryn Fuller

Professor, Department of Radio-Television-Film, Moody College of Communication

Expertise: silent film history; radio history; US cultural history; 1960s history; comedy and humor

Megan L Hildebrandt

Megan L Hildebrandt

Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Art and Art History, College of Fine Arts

Expertise: contemporary art, foundations art pedagogy, drawing, artist mothers, arts-in-healthcare, community-based art practices

Yuliya  Lanina

Yuliya Lanina

Assistant Professor of Practice, Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies

Expertise: contemporary art, interdisciplinary, experimental animation, cross-disciplinary collaboration, art and technology, art and performance

Matthew A Lease

Professor, School of Information
+1 512 471 9350

Expertise: Lease is a professor in the School of Information. He researches artificial intelligence combined with human-computer interaction techniques in crowdsourcing and human computation, information retrieval, and natural language processing fields. He is also a faculty founder and leader of UT Austin's Good Systems, an eight-year, university-wide "moonshot" Grand Challenge to design responsible AI technologies. As part of Good Systems, Lease leads a six-year, seven-member faculty project that focuses on developing explainable AI techniques to combat disinformation. One of Lease's ongoing projects is content moderation, which involves using automated, human-in-the-loop, and human-safe practices to curb online disinformation, hate speech, and polarization.

Beili  Liu

Beili Liu

Leslie Waggener Professor, College of Fine Arts
+1 512 471 6071

Expertise: Visual art, contemporary art, installation art, sculpture, Arctic art research, art and climate change, art and science collaboration, environmental art, art activism, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, fiber art, performance art, public art, feminist art, craft, indigenous craft, contemporary Asian-American art, contemporary Chinese-American art, Asian diaspora

Monica M Martinez

Monica M Martinez

Associate Professor, Department of History, College of Liberal Arts
Spanish Speaker

Expertise: Monica Muñoz Martinez an associate professor in the department of history, in the College of Liberal Arts. She is an award-winning author, educator, and historian, specializing in the history of race, racial violence, policing on the US-Mexico border, Latinx history, women and gender studies, public humanities, digital humanities, and restorative justice. She is the author of "The Injustice Never Leaves You: Anti-Mexican Violence in Texas" and a founding member of the non-profit organization Refusing to Forget. racial violence, policing on the US-Mexico border, Latinx history, women and gender studies, public humanities, digital humanities, and restorative justice

Susan W Rather

Susan W Rather

Department Chair, Art and Art History, College of Fine Arts
+1 512 471 3390

Expertise: American Art, early American art, British Colonial American artists and artisans, portraiture, self-portraiture, Benjamin West, John Singleton Copley, Gilbert Stuart, William Williams, Samuel F. D. Morse, Paul Manship, early 20th-century sculpture

Pedro  Reyes

Pedro Reyes

Department Chair, Educational Leadership and Policy, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, College of Education
+1 512 475 8569
Spanish Speaker

Expertise: I study student success for children experiencing poverty. I analyze how school leadership and state policy facilitate student success across the education pipeline.

Loriene  Roy

Loriene Roy

Professor Emeritus, School of Information

Expertise: Library development in Native American communities; creation of virtual museums of Native American artifacts; literacy efforts in Native American communities; library collection development and evaluation; oral tradition; organizing gatherings of indigenous librarians worldwide

Andrew Shea

Andrew Shea

Professor, Department of Radio-Television-Film, Moody College of Communication
+1 512 471 5303

Expertise: director; screenwriter; producer; documentary filmmaker

Samantha  Shorey

Samantha Shorey

Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies, Moody College of Communication

Expertise: artificial intelligence; labor; technology design; technology hype; AI ethics; technology in the workplace

Cherise  Smith

Cherise Smith

Associate Professor of Art and Art History and of African and African Diaspora Studies, African and African Diaspora Studies Department, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 471 1784

Expertise: African American Representation, Art and Visual Culture; the Identity Politics and Representation; The Intersection of Representation with Race and Gender; Performance and Conceptual Art Practices; Photography; American Art After 1945

Iliana  Sosa

Iliana Sosa

Assistant Professor, Department of Radio-Television-Film, Moody College of Communication

Expertise: Filmmaking; documentary filmmaking

Emily  Sparvero

Emily Sparvero

Assistant Professor of Instruction, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, College of Education
+1 512 232 2383

Expertise: Focuses on the development of sport policies and the ways in which professional sport teams can be leveraged to generate economic, social, and tourism benefits for host communities.

Pauline T Strong

Pauline T Strong

Professor, Department of Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 471 8524, +1 512 471 9056

Expertise: Cultural, historical, feminist anthropology; Identity and difference; Politics of representation; Public culture; Youth organizations; Museum studies; Public humanities; Medical humanities; US, Indigenous North America.

Edward C Theriot

Edward C Theriot

Professor, Department of Integrative Biology, College of Natural Sciences
+1 512 232 2379, +1 512 471 4997

Expertise: Algae; aquatic biology; paleontology; freshwater ecology; evolution; diatoms; Texas Natural Science Center

Scott W Tinker

Scott W Tinker

Director, Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences
+1 512 471 0209, +1 512 471 1534

Expertise: Global energy supply and demand, Technology Administration, Multidisciplinary reservoir characterization, Carbonate sedimentology, Sequence stratigraphy, 3-D reservoir modeling, Resource assessment.

Kelly R Zamudio

Kelly R Zamudio

Professor, Department of Integrative Biology, College of Natural Sciences