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Mechele  Dickerson

Mechele Dickerson

Professor, School of Law
+1 512 232 1311

Expertise: Bankruptcy, consumer debt, U.S. housing crisis, income and wealth inequality, student loans, remedies

Karrol A Kitt

Karrol A Kitt

Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Human Development and Family Sciences, College of Natural Sciences

Expertise: Personal Finance (Insurance, cash management, spending plans, financial spreadsheets, credit, financial behavior); Family Resource Management (values, standards, & goals; mananging change; decision making; organization; work at home & at the workplace)

Angela K Littwin

Angela K Littwin

Professor, School of Law
+1 512 232 5561

Expertise: Bankruptcy; consumer credit especially credit cards; secured credit

Pedro  Reyes

Pedro Reyes

Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, College of Education
+1 512 475 8569
Spanish Speaker

Expertise: Focuses on school conditions that foster high academic success for children of poverty, stratification of learning opportunities for children of color, and on state policy that facilitates student success across the education pipeline.