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Debra  Cantu

Debra Cantu

Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, College of Education
+1 512 471 6137

Expertise: Leadership Development *Develops PK-12 school leaders. Designs and coordinates learning objectives, knowledge development, and effective practices for graduate students to apply theory into practice in their internship based on the following learning outcomes: *Develop Capacity for Teaching and Learning Excellence *Advocate for and Ensuring Equitable Support Systems for All *Build Executive Leaders to Promote Ethical Policies and Practices *Partner Authentically and Equitably with Families and Communities Curriculum and School Improvement *Leads and develops curriculum content, scope and sequence, standards alignment and performance assessments for higher education and school district curriculum. *Diagnose problems and challenges using school data, research and planning, implementation and progress monitoring and reflection. Improvement Science *Identify the Problem *Analyze the Problem and Diagnose Its Causes *Develop a Theory of Action *Design the Strategy *Plan for Implementation *Implement the Strategy *Assess Progress *Adapt and Modify for Continuous Improvement Certification *Leads policies, practices and designs systems required by Texas Education Agency for admissions, clinical experiences and certification for the program and department. School District Partnerships *Building a Partnership *Co-designing curriculum *Collaboration and Planning *Implementation and Progress Monitoring Executive Coaching *Design *Implementation *Strategic Planning *Progress Monitoring

Richard J Chuchla

Richard J Chuchla

Other University Affiliate, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences
+1 512 232 9510
Spanish Speaker

Expertise: Graduate studies were focused on igneous processes, magmatism and related formation of ore deposits. Professional career included exploration for base and precious metal ore deposits, coal assessment and development, and research, exploration and development in the upstream sector of the oil and gas business. Managerial positions led to development of skills in commercial analysis, strategic planning and valuation. Concurrently, led numerous teams negotiating new contracts which led to a strong grounding in analysis of fiscal regimes and petroleum contracts. Familiar with many of the world's basins and experienced in both conventional deepwater and unconventional resources. Remain very interested in the technology of extractive industries and related commercial and policy issues. As Director of the Energy and Earth Resources graduate program, my personal learning objective is to broaden and deepen my understanding of renewable resources. Have a personal passion regarding the workings of the creative process and how it is impeded. Wrote a widely read internal company newsletter called Creative Contemplations.

Mechele  Dickerson

Mechele Dickerson

Professor, School of Law
+1 512 232 1311

Expertise: Consumer debt, U.S. housing crisis, income and wealth inequality, student loans, remedies

Angela K Littwin

Angela K Littwin

Professor, School of Law
+1 512 232 5561

Expertise: Bankruptcy; consumer credit especially credit cards; secured credit

Pedro  Reyes

Pedro Reyes

Department Chair, Educational Leadership and Policy, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, College of Education
+1 512 475 8569
Spanish Speaker

Expertise: I study student success for children experiencing poverty. I analyze how school leadership and state policy facilitate student success across the education pipeline.