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Kamran  Ali

Kamran Ali

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 471 7531, +1 512 471 3550

Expertise: Gender, health, development, labor history, political movements (including Islamic groups) and urban social history in the Middle East and South Asia

North A Cooc

North A Cooc

Assistant Professor, Department of Special Education, College of Education
+1 512 471 7923

Expertise: Racial disproportionality, quantitative research methods, Asian Americans in education, summer literacy interventions, culture and diversity

Tracy S Dahlby

Tracy S Dahlby

Professor, School of Journalism, College of Communication
+1 512 471 6272

Expertise: Journalism and media criticism; coverage of international affairs, including Northeast and Southeast Asia; coverage of U.S. relations with Asia.

Rowena  Fong

Rowena Fong

Professor, School of Social Work
+1 512 471 1393

Expertise: Adoption, child welfare, international adoptions from China, Chinese-American children and families.

Michele R Guzman

Michele R Guzman

Assistant Director, Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
+1 512 471 7631

Expertise: Multicultural counseling; racial identity constructs; educational struggles of Latino subgroups

Brian K Horton

Brian K Horton

Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences
+1 512 471 1869

Expertise: Tectonics of sedimentary basins, evolution of orogenic systems, sediment provenance and routing systems, nonmarine depositional processes.

Syed A Hyder

Associate Professor, Department of Asian Studies, College of Liberal Arts

Expertise: Islam in South Asia; Urdu language and literature; aesthetics in South Asia and the Middle East

Ward W Keeler

Ward W Keeler

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 471 8520

Expertise: Anthropology and performing arts; Southeast Asia; Indonesia (Java Bali) Burma; Indonesian language and culture (Indonesian Javanese Balinese); gamelan

Janice  Leoshko

Janice Leoshko

Associate Professor, Department of Art and Art History, College of Fine Arts
+1 512 232 2581

Expertise: Asian art history; Asian culture; Indian and Tibetan religions, Arts & Humanities.

Patricia  Maclachlan

Patricia Maclachlan

Associate Professor, Department of Government, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 232 1724

Expertise: Consumerism in advanced industrial democracies, with a focus on Japan; the reform of the Japanese postal system and the political power of the commissioned postmasters, Comparative politics, Japanese politics and society, international relations of the Asia Pacific.

Gail Minault

Professor, Department of History, College of Liberal Arts
+1 512 475 7214

Expertise: 19th and 20th century history of India, including religion and politics, intellectual and social history, and women''s movements.